Preserve Plum Island - Fighting to preserve 843 acres of wildlife habitat from development

Stop the Sell-off of this Vital Bird Habitat

Plum Island is slated for the auction block, but you can help stop that. We need you to contact your New York congressional representative and ask that they protect Plum Island, today!

Along the highly-developed Long Island Sound coastline, Plum Island stands out because it has remained largely undeveloped. The island has been protected from development for decades because it's the site of a federal research facility. Plum Island now provides vital habitat for threatened and endangered birds such as Piping Plovers and Roseate Terns, along with thousands of migrating birds. But the federal government is preparing to move its research facility—and sell this Important Bird Area to the highest bidder. Please ask your members of Congress to support bipartisan legislation to stop the sell-off and protect the island.

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Photo Credit (right: Roseate Tern. Fyn Kynd Photography/Flickr Creative Commons)

Plum IslandLocated less than a mile from Orient Point, the tip of Long Island’s North Fork, lies the 840 acre, pork chop-shaped Plum Island.  Well-known from Nelson DeMille’s book of the same title and even more so because of the Plum Island Animal Disease Center (“PIADC”) that exists there, this wildlife rich island is a vital stopover site and breeding ground for migratory birds, seals and other species.  Unfortunately, its ecological resources are in danger of being lost.  In 2008, Congress approved sale of the island to a private party, with plans to move the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility to another state.

The approximately 90% of Plum Island that is undeveloped holds significant ecological and scenic sites.

In fact,  Plum Island has been recognized as:

  • “Important Bird Area” – Audubon, New York
  • “Critical Natural Resource Area” – US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • “Peconic Bay Environs Critical Environmental Area” - Suffolk County, New York
  • “New York State Significant Coastal Fish & Wildlife Habitat” – NYS Dept. of State
  • “Environmental Stewardship Area” - Long Island Sound Study

The Island also holds nationally-significant artifacts and historic buildings – including the 1870 Plum Gut Lighthouse and the 1897 Fort Terry army barracks and weapons batteries.  Plum Island’s scenic value, ecological resources and historic sites offer tremendous potential for recreation and public education, and make it an ideal candidate for permanent preservation.

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The mission of the Preserve Plum Island Coalition (PPIC) is to secure the permanent protection of the significant natural and cultural resources of Plum Island. The PPIC advocates for comprehensive solutions that safeguard this national treasure; this includes dedicating Plum Island's undeveloped acreage, approximately 80% of the island, as a National Wildlife Refuge, or creating a preserve providing equivalent protection in perpetuity. The PPIC recognizes the existence of the Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) and the jobs supported by this facility. If the Center is closed, and no adaptive reuse occurs, the PPIC supports the removal of non-historic buildings and surplus infrastructure, the clean-up and restoration of any impacted resources and the dedication of the PIADC property as conservation lands.

Least Tern and Chick - Courtesy of Lloyd Spitalnik


  • Have your organization join the Preserve Plum Island Coalition
  • Check the website and Facebook page often for updates and announcements
  • Call or write to your elected officials, Senators Gillibrand and Schumer and Congressman Zeldin,  to let them know your concerns and ask them to fight to reverse the sale of the island 
  • Write letters to your local papers, as well as publications such as Newsday to voice your concerns
  • Share your knowledge with friends and neighbors.

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